NEWS: Destroy Fantasy & Horror Submissions; Destroy SF Cover/TOC

Just a few quick updates!

POC Destroy Science Fiction! Cover and Table of Contents Announced

We now have the full table of contents revealed, and you can also now pre-order the issue if you missed out on it during the campaign.

And also, we’ve got the final cover art in hand, and we’re pleased to reveal it to you now! The art is by Christopher Park, and it’s illustrating Vandana Singh’s story, “Delhi.”

People of Colour Destroy Science Fiction!

POC Destroy Fantasy! Open for Submissions

POC Destroy Fantasy!, guest-edited by Daniel José Older, is now open for submissions. Submissions will be open until June 15. Scheduled for Dec. 2016 publication. [Guidelines] [Pre-Order]

POC Destroy Horror! Still Open for Submissions

POC Destroy Horror!, guest-edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, is still open for submissions. Submissions will be open until May 15. Scheduled for Oct. 2016 publication. [Guidelines] [Pre-Order]

Project Surveys (for Kickstarter Backers)

Just a reminder that our project surveys have finally gone out (via Backerkit); thank you again to all of you who answered so quickly. For those of you who haven’t answered, please do so as soon as you can, as it’s very helpful for us to get all of those closed out as quickly as possible.

If You Haven’t Received Your Survey…

If you’re a backer and you haven’t received your survey for some reason (sent to whatever email you have on file with Kickstarter), please check your spam filter first, but then if you still don’t see it, please email Backerkit support and they should be able to re-send your survey (Be sure to provide the email address you have associated with Kickstarter, so they can find your survey. If you go here, and you’re logged in, you should be able to see which email address Kickstarter has on file for you.)