REVIEW: A Plethora of Reviews for QDSF!

All sorts of good things are being said about Queers Destroy Science Fiction! GLBT Reviews, in a discussion on LGBT being in science fiction and fantasy, says “A notable current example of this ongoing dialogue between readers, critics, authors and the planetary public is “Queers Destroy Science Fiction,” the special June 2015 issue of the digital magazine, Lightspeed.”

We made Nino Cipri’s summer reading list, too! “There are too many amazing stories in here to name, and I’m entirely biased, because I’m friends with a good number of people on the T.O.C. Just buy it and read it. It’s fantastic.”

QDSF and People of Color Destroy Science Fiction gets some love in the Cabbages and Kings podcast.

And last but not least, Alyssa Wong wrote a beautiful introspective on On the Cost of Being Out: What Being Part of QDSF/H/F Means to Me. “So I just want to say to you—if you submitted a story to the Queers Destroy! special series, regardless of whether or not it was chosen for publication in these particular issues of Lightspeed or Nightmare, I am so, so grateful to you and proud of your bravery. Thank you for putting your work out there, and please continue to do so. The QDSF/H/F series is about honoring the truth of our and our works’ existence. IT’s about highlighting the contributions of an important demographic in SFF, past and present. It’s a celebration of what we love: damn good speculative fiction in its many evolutions. It is by us, for us, for everyone, opening up space and highlighting voices of marginalized people. It declares, This identity is not something that you should have to hide. There isn’t anything wrong with it. “

REVIEW: “What makes this issue such a delight [is] the range and diversity of what falls under the heading of ‘science fiction,’ all of it written by women.”

“Part of what makes this issue such a delight [is] the range and diversity of what falls under the heading of ‘science fiction,’ all of it written by women. From each piece to the next, the essays and the stories alike, there are shifts. These stories are united by genre and their expansion of what it mean to be in that genre, and they do not echo each other. Each has unique touches, angles, and interests; if nothing else, it’s great work to have collected them all together under one aegis to explore what it means to say that women don’t write sf and how frankly absurd that is. But more than that, too, because these stories are so very good.” –

NEWS: Women Destroy Science Fiction! Named as One of NPR’s Best Books of 2014!

About WDSF, NPR says “…a master class in all the ways women are writing — and have written — some of the best science fiction available” and names it as one of their Best Books of 2014! [link]

REVIEWS: Women Destroy Science Fiction! Review Roundup

  • “It’s a clever name, as the verb can pivot, from the traditional “obliterate” to the more slang-like “conquer”. This collection does both of those things and everything in between. A massive, highly entertaining, and provocative anthology.” —Alex Hurst [review]
  • “This special, all women’s issue (anthology, really, weighing in at 488 pages), has a number of absolutely fantastic original and reprinted short stories, as well as essays by and about women working in science fiction. This is a must-buy.” —BuzzFeed [review]
  • “One of the themes that comes through in “Women Destroy Science Fiction!” as a whole—[is] a concern not just with the shiny concept but with the real, human experiences that roll out as a consequence of the concept. Nothing is easy or simple, in these stories, but it is important.” — [review]