“Queers can’t destroy science fiction. No one can. No one can destroy the future. But we can, through malice or complacency or inattention, limit the future. We can so narrowly, so tightly map the possible that we wall ourselves into a cave of our own making.”

—Sigrid Ellis, Flash Fiction Editor, Queers Destroy Science Fiction!

Sometimes it seems as if science fiction has walled itself into a cave that leaves out anyone who isn’t straight and cis-gendered, a cave with no room for anyone questioning their sexuality or relationship to their body. Since we added a little room to SF last year by smashing a place for women, we here at Lightspeed decided to give the writers and editors of the queer community a chance to do some demolition.

Funded by another amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Queers Destroy projects are our way of celebrating the work of LGBTQUIA creators in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Once again, we’re presenting special issues of LIGHTSPEED, NIGHTMARE, and FANTASY magazines entirely edited, written, and illustrated by the best queer minds in the business, including best-selling author Seanan McGuire (Guest Editor-in-Chief, Queers Destroy Science Fiction!), award-winning author and editor Christopher Barzak (Guest Editor-in-Chief, Queers Destroy Fantasy!), and dozens of other familiar names.

Enjoy the destruction.