REVIEWS: Women Destroy Science Fiction! Review Roundup

  • “It’s a clever name, as the verb can pivot, from the traditional “obliterate” to the more slang-like “conquer”. This collection does both of those things and everything in between. A massive, highly entertaining, and provocative anthology.” —Alex Hurst [review]
  • “This special, all women’s issue (anthology, really, weighing in at 488 pages), has a number of absolutely fantastic original and reprinted short stories, as well as essays by and about women working in science fiction. This is a must-buy.” —BuzzFeed [review]
  • “One of the themes that comes through in “Women Destroy Science Fiction!” as a whole—[is] a concern not just with the shiny concept but with the real, human experiences that roll out as a consequence of the concept. Nothing is easy or simple, in these stories, but it is important.” — [review]